STYLE: ORIGIN: FinlandFORMED: 1991LABEL: Xtreem Music
  • Jarkko Rantanen - Vocals, Drums, Guitar
  • Jari Laine - Guitars
  • Marko Silvennoinen-Vocals

Adramelech formed in 1991 in Loimaa, Finland. Similar to DemilichAdramelech plays death metal with melodic parts entwined.

Despite forming in 1991, the band would not put out their debut album, Psychostasia until 1996 with Repulse Records. In between, there were two EP’s and one demo. 1998 brought the band temporarily back to life with a major tour alongside Deeds Of Flesh, Incantation, and Avulsed. In 1998, new members were brought in and for the first time, Jarkko left the vocal duties to concentrate on drums. The new line up was strong, but faced another problem with the release of the second album, having to form a label of their own, SEVERE MUSIC, in order it to be released. For their second album, Pure Blood Doom, Adramelech would form their own record label, Severe Music, in order to release it. This record label is currently defunct. “Pure Blood Doom” was finally out in 1999. Cursed with the saying “what goes around, comes around” the band was again put on hold with line-up difficulties in late 2000.

The final Adramelech line-up gathered to record their last release “Terror of Thousand Faces” in 2002, and was released by Xtreem Music (ex-Repulse) three years later.

Late 2010 Adramelech decided to continue after a long pause. The band is preparing for some live shows to be played and later for a new release.

While the band has been quiet as of late, they are still together, under the Spanish label Xtreem Music.


Terror of Thousand Faces / 2005

Adramelech-Terror of Thousand Faces
  • Album Info
  • 2005
  • Xtreem Music

1. Intro
2. Halls of Human Tragedy
3. Descent to Eternal Torment
4. Bleeding for Supremacy
5. Suicide, Terrorize
6. I Don’t Care About Your Murder
7. Slain in the Grace of Thy Name
8. Book of Flesh
9. Terror of Thousand Faces
10. Orphica Holodemiurgia

Terror Of Thousand Faces is the third full-length album by Finnish death metal band Adramelech released in 2005 on Xtreem Music. 

Pure Blood Doom / 1999

Adramelech-Pure Blood Doom
  • Album Info
  • 1999
  • Severe Music

1. Centuries of Murder
2. Thule
3. Abomination 459
4. Season of the Predator
5. Thingstead
6. Lord of the Red Land
7. Evercursed
8. The Book of the Black Earth
9. Spawn of the Suffering

Pure Blood Doom is the second full-length album by Finnish death metal band Adramelech released in 1999 on their own record label, Severe Music. As this band shares members with the Demigod, many comparisons have been made between the two bands, oft comparing this album to The Slumber Of Sullen Eyes.  

Psychostasia / 1996

  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Repulse Records

1. Heroes in Godly Blaze
2. Psychostasia
3. Seance of Shamans
4. The Book of the Worm
5. Thoth (Lord of Holy Words)
6. Mythic Descendant
7. As the Gods Succumbed
8. Across the Gray Waters

Psychostasia is the debut album by Finnish death metal band Adramelech released in 1996 on Repulse Records. It would be re-released by Xtrem Music in 1998 featuring three bonus tracks from their “Seven” EP.

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