Archie Cruz gives update on the status of SANTA CRUZ

Santa Cruz‘s Archie Cruz gave an update on the band’s official Facebook page about the future of the band.

Alright cruzers, I know ya´ll been waiting for this. So, all the future shows had to be cancelled because the band kinda fell apart in the middle of the US tour which is quite sad tbh. Obviously I can´t play these gigs solo cause I aint Bob fucking Dylan and I aint got a band yet atm. Currently the Cruz situation is on hold and we´ll see what´ll happen next, but the saga aint over yet motherfuckers. So from you my fans I ask patience & some support on this time ´cause the night is always darkest before the dawn. Let´s make Rock ’n’ Roll great again soon. Yee-haw bitches! – Archie motherfucking Cruz

Santa Cruz cancelled the last few dates of their tour with Fozzy due to infighting which resulted in Archie being left stranded on the street, according to Archie.

Archie posted the following on his personal, official Instagram page after the incident.

“To all ya’ll wondering why the rest of the US gigs got cancelled, the guys kicked me out of the bus on the street like a pariah and told me they’re in Santa Cruz no more. I would’ve loved to do ’em, but what can you do. And as far as I know, I am alive & well atm, so all good. Love to all ya’ll ❤️”

The band’s guitarist Johnny Cruz announced his, Middy Cruz‘s, and Taz Cruz‘s departure from the band on his personal Instagram page:

“I’m very sorry to inform that I’m leaving Santa Cruz and so are Middy and Taz. We faced issues that we cannot solve even thou we tried everything that we could to make this tour and band happen. I can’t stay in a situation anymore where I have to be scared if somebody does irreversible harm to themselves or somebody else. That’s why I’m leaving. I never thought I’d be in this situation, but I have no more options to use. I’m sorry. Peace and Love ❤️ -Johnny”

Middy Cruz, the band’s bassist, also used his personal Instagram page to announce his departure from Santa Cruz:

“I am sorry to inform but from this day on it is impossible for me to continue as a member of Santa Cruz. I wanna thank everyone who has been there for me during But most of all I wanna thank all the fans and great people along the way. Life goes on. -Middy”

Santa Cruz formed in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland and released two EPs and three studio albums.

Check out footage of one of their last shows of their U.S. tour, at the House Of Blues, in San Diego, CA on March 9, 2018.


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