AMBERIAN DAWN Release “United”, First Single From Upcoming New Album “Looking For You”

Finnish melodic metallers AMBERIAN DAWN have unveiled “United”, the first taste of their ninth album.

Taking the listener to a futuristic world of the ’80s and synthesizer music, mixed with familiar metal sounds, “United” and its detailed lyric video reflect the deeper meaning of the concept of AMBERIAN DAWN‘s upcoming album, “Looking For You”.

The song combines elaborate arrangements with glorious, majestic melodies, while the lyrics proclaim an unambiguous statement: “We’re all together and we are standing tall. United we stand, divided we fall.”

“Looking For You” will be released on January 31, 2020 and enter a new, but still familiar sounding, musical universe, mixing the best of both worlds into a new genre: “ABBA metal”.

The new album is packed with well-polished and immaculate songwriting full of catchy melodies and epic keyboard parts that immediately send shivers down your spine.

The multi-faceted and emotional lyrics provide a suitable background for soaring guitars and elegant classical interludes: a highly addictive cocktail that is being topped off by a cover version of ABBA‘s “Lay All Your Love On Me”.

Since the band’s music changed from power metal to symphonic metal over the last years, AMBERIAN DAWN is now navigating into yet another new style, which is even more melodic, keyboard-driven and influenced by the Swedish band ABBA. Therefore, they’ve been working closely with award-winning Finnish artist Kebu for over a month, to create the ingenious keyboard sound that can be heard on the recording.

Pre-order the album now here.

1 – United
2 – Eternal Fire Burning
3 – Looking for You
4 – Two Blades
5 – Symphony Nr. 1 Part 3 – Awakening (Feat. Fabio Lione)
6 – Go for a Ride
7 – Butterfly
8 – Universe
9 – Lay All Your Love on Me (ABBA Cover)
10 – Au Revoir
11 – Cherish My Memory Re-Mastered (Bonustrack)

Amberian Dawn - Looking For You