The Cancer Empire

Zonaria - The Cancer Empire
  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • Century Media Records

1. Slaughter Is Passion
2. Praise The Eradication
3. Crowning King Cancer
4. Contra Mundum
5. Termination Process
6. At War With The Inferior
7. From The Abysmal Womb
8. Damnation Dressed In Flesh
9. Humanity Vs Sanity
10. The Icon And The Faceless


The Cancer Empire is the second major label release by Swedish metal band Zonaria and the first to be released on their new label, Century Media Records in 2008.

It was recorded at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström.

Commented singer Simon Berglund:

The Cancer Empire refers to a nation that infects the world around it by spreading lies and deceit in order to dominate. For us it has a realistic reflection on the world today.