• Album Info
  • Týr
  • 2013
  • Metal Blade Records

Tracks on Valkyrja

1. Blood of Heroes
2. Mare of My Night
3. Hel Hath No Fury
4. The Lay of Our Love
5. Nation
6. Another Fallen Brother
7. Grindavísan
8. Into the Sky
9. Fánar burtur brandaljóð
10. Lady of the Slain
11. Valkyrja
12. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden cover)
13. Cemetery Gates (Pantera cover)

Valkyrja is the seventh full-length album by the Faroese Viking / folk metal band Týr. It was announced on July 22, 2013 and released on the 16th of September, 2013 through Metal Blade Records.

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