• Album Info
  • Týr
  • 2006
  • Napalm Records

Tracks on Ragnarok

1. The Beginning
2. The Hammer of Thor
3. Envy
4. Brother’s Bane
5. The Burning
6. The Ride to Hel
7. Torsteins kvæði
8. Grímur á Miðalnesi
9. Wings of Time
10. The Rage of the Skullgaffer
11. The Hunt
12. Victory
13. Lord of Lies
14. Gjallarhornið
15. Ragnarok
16. The End

Ragnarok is the third full-length album by the Faroese metal band Týr. It was released on September 22, 2006 by Napalm Records.

The album is bilingual with Faroese and English lyrics. The album features cover art by Jan Yrlund.

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