Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives

Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives
  • Album Info
  • 1992
  • Big Ball Records

Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives is the first full-length album by the Norwegian band Turbonegro, released in March, 1992 on Big Ball Records. Only 1,000 copies were released originally in Norway. A different version (with five extra tracks) of the album was released early 1993 in Germany by Repulsion Records, titled Helta Skelta with a painted portrait of Sirhan Sirhan on the cover and a 20-plus minute audio-play about a young man being raped by a policeman called “A Career In Indie Rock”. This version left out the song “Prima Moffe”. Only 1,500 copies were made of this version. When Bitzcore Recordsstarted to re-release the earlier Turbonegro records the album was remastered and came with a new artwork by Dimitri ‘from Oslo’ Kayiambakis. It was released in June, 2000 titled Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives, it contained all the tracks from the original version and had the same bonus tracks as Helta Skelta.

The album gives an early introduction to the deathpunk sound, Turbonegro’s very own self acclaimed genre; dark death driven punk rock with occasional excursions into hardcore and metal as well as a certain tendency for disruptive and sarcastic lyrics.

The album was also released on 12″ vinyl in Germany with green and black splatters and in the United States through Get Hip Records and in doing so their editions were almost always different in one way or another, mainly in colored wax. This strictly ‘limited American only pressing’ for GHR was on golden and black marbled wax.

Happy-Tom played drums on this album. He presently plays bass guitar with the band.