Tristania - Rubicon
  • Album Info
  • 2010
  • Napalm

1. Year of the Rat
2. Protection
3. Patriot Games
4. The Passing
5. Exile
6. Sirens
7. The Emerald Piper
8. Vulture
9. Amnesia
10. Magical Fix

Rubicon is the sixth full-length album by the Norwegian band Tristania. It is the first Tristania album to feature female Italian vocalist Mariangela Demurtas, who replaced former frontwoman Vibeke Stene.


The album displays a different lineup from the previous album. It is the first Tristania album to feature Mariangela Demurtas on female vocals, Kjetil Nordhus on clean vocals, Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard on guitars, Ole Vistnes on bass, and Tarald Lie Jr. on drums. It’s also the first album with harsh vocals that are performed entirely by guitarist Anders Høyvik Hidle. Pete Johansen made a guest appearance on violin after a nearly ten-year absence. Singer Østen Bergøy appeared as a session member, after scaling back to part-time membership in the band due to family commitments.

The first video of the album was for the song “Year of the Rat,” released on 12 August 2010.