The Formulas of Death

Tribulation-The Formulas of Death
  • Album Info
  • Tribulation
  • 2013
  • Invictus Recordings

Tracks on The Formulas of Death

1. Vagina Dentata
2. Wanderer in the Outer Darkness
3. Spectres
4. לילה
5. Suspiria de Profundis
6. Through the Velvet Black
7. Rånda
8. When the Sky Is Black with Devils
9. Spell
10. Ultra Silvam
11. Apparitions

The Formulas Of Death is the second full-length album by Swedish death/black/gothic metal band Tribulation, released in 2013 on Invictus Records.

Albums by Tribulation

Tribulation-Down Below

Down Below / 2018

Tribulation-The Horror

The Horror / 2009

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