Hour of the Nightingale

Hour of The Nightingale

Tracks on Hour of the Nightingale

1. My Requiem

2. Eye of Night

3. Condemned to Silence

4. A Million Tears

5. Hour of the Nightingale

6. The Passage

7. Broken Mirror

8. Black Ocean

9. Sinking Ships

10. Gallows Bird

The full album line-up of Trees of Eternity will, apart from the two original members, include Fredrik Norrman (October Tide, ex-Katatonia), Mattias Norrman (October Tide, ex-Katatonia) and Kai Hahto (Wintersun, Swallow the Sun), as well as some acclaimed guest musicians.

Recorded in 2014, but remained unreleased for a while. Some time after Aleah had passed away, the band signed with Svart Records and eventually released the album on November 11th, 2016.

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