Commitment To Excellence

Tornado - Commitment To Excellence
  • Album Info
  • 2018
  • Extreme Metal Music

1. A Minute Of Nothing
2. White Horse Of The Apocalypse (Solo: Karl Sanders. Additional Vocals: Niko Kalliojärvi)
3. Global Pandemic
4. Spirit And Opportunity (Additional Vocals: Ross Dolan)
5. The Flight Of Yuri Gagarin
6. Endless Forms Of Torment (Additional Solo: Adam Phillips)
7. Through Difficulties To Victory
8. Supremacy
9. Chaos Among The Ruins
10. United Forces (S.O.D. Cover)
11. At The Chapel Of Rest (Additional Solo: Glen Drover)

With “Commitment To Excellence”TORNADO continue to do what they do best: writing songs that you can actually remember, with their own original recipe consisting in a blend of thrash, sleeze and glam!

Featuring: Nile’s Karl Sanders, Immolation’s Ross Dolan and Pro-Pain’s Adam Phillips, as well as Glen Drover (former Megadeth member). Produced by Ben Varon (ex-Amoral/Oceanhoarse), and mixed/mastered and engineered by AK, Chris Paccou (FOH Engineer of Slayer) “Commitment to Excellence” has been released via Extreme Metal Music on August 31, 2018.