Of Darkness…

Therion-Of Darkness...
  • Album Info
  • 1991
  • Deaf Records

1. The Return
2. Asphyxiate with Fear
3. Morbid Reality
4. Megalomaniac
5. A Suburb to Hell
6. Genocidal Raids
7. Time Shall Tell
8. Dark Eternity

Of Darkness… is a debut studio album released in February of 1991 by the Swedish band Therion and it contains songs written in the early years of the band, during the 1980s. The album is indicated by the band itself as an end of its first era.

The album was re-released on November 27, 2000 under Nuclear Blast label as a part of The Early Chapters of Revelation box-set. It contains remastered songs, as well as four bonus tracks.

After releasing the third demo record Time Shall Tell EP in 1990, Therion got attention from the British label Deaf Records, a subsidiary of Peaceville Records, and signed the band’s first contract. Of Darkness… was recorded in Swedish studio Sunlight in Stockholm from August to September 1990 and released in February 1991. The initial line-up has not been changed since its last production. The album was produced by Tomas Skogsberg and the band itself.

Of Darkness… consists of songs Christofer Johnsson had written in the years of 1987–1989, many of which were available on the band’s demo recordings. Musically, “Of Darkness…” could be described as a typical death metal release, though elements of thrash metal are apparent as well.

Unlike later albums, lyrically, many tracks on the album focus on political and social issues. 

The 2000 re-release album contains original remastered songs, and four bonus demo and previously unreleased songs.