Gothic Kabbalah

Therion-Gothic Kabbalah
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Nuclear Blast

Disc 1
1. Der Mitternachtslöwe
2. Gothic Kabbalah
3. The Perennial Sophia
4. Wisdom and the Cage
5. Son of the Staves of Time
6. Tuna 1613
7. Trul
8. Close Up the Streams

Disc 2
1. The Wand of Abaris
2. Three Treasures
3. Path to Arcady
4. TOF – The Trinity
5. Chain of Minerva
6. The Falling Stone
7. Adulruna Rediviva

Gothic Kabbalah is the thirteenth full-length album by Swedish metal group Therion. It was released in Europe on January 12. 2007. This album was mixed by Stefan Glaumann who already contributed to bands such as Rammstein, Evergrey, Europe and Def Leppard. The main line-up has been slightly changed since previous studio albums (Lemuria and Sirius B). Petter Karlsson returned to play drums, having already played with the band during Lemuria / Sirius B tour during the period of 2004–2006. Since Christofer Johnsson announced in 2006 he is retiring from singing, vocals on Gothic Kabbalah were performed by Mats Levén, as well as Snowy Shaw and three female singers: Katarina Lilja, Anna Nyhlin and Hannah Holgersson.

The album is based on concepts from the life of 17th-century esoteric scholar Johannes Bureus.