Theatre of Tragedy-Storm
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • AFM Records

1. Storm
2. Silence
3. Ashes and Dreams
4. Voices
5. Fade
6. Begin and End
7. Senseless
8. Exile
9. Disintegration
10. Debris

Storm is the sixth studio album by the Norwegian gothic metal band Theatre of Tragedy, released in March 2006. It is the band’s first album with a new lead singer Nell Sigland. The song “Storm” was released as the album’s only single. The album shows something of a return to gothic metal, although its sound is much lighter and more upbeat than that of earlier albums and it still uses modern English lyrics. The band embarked on a European tour to support the release.
The cover art was designed by Thomas Ewerhard, who also made the covers for Assembly and Forever Is the World.
The song “Senseless” was originally titled “Seven”, as it is written in septuple meter and is the seventh track on the album.