Forever Is the World

Theatre of Tragedy-Forever Is the World
  • Album Info
  • 2009
  • AFM Records

1. Hide and Seek
2. A Nine Days Wonder
3. Revolution
4. Transition
5. Hollow
6. Astray
7. Frozen
8. Illusions
9. Deadland
10. Forever Is the World

Forever Is the World is the seventh and final studio album by the Norwegian gothic metal band Theatre of Tragedy. It was released on September 18, 2009, on AFM Records. The album was produced by the Zeromancer singer Alexander Møklebust and mastered by Bjørn Engelmann.

The cover art was designed by Thomas Ewerhard, who made the covers for the previous two albums by the band, Storm and Assembly. When the cover art was revealed on the band’s website, they said that it had been designed to incorporate elements from the covers of all of their previous studio albums as a challenge to their most diehard fans. 

Since the release of the record there have been complaints about the mixing and mastering of the album with claims of fuzzing and clipping. The album has been linked by fans to the Loudness War.