• Album Info
  • 1996
  • Warner Music Finland

1. Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr. cover)
2. Postman
3. Fool
4. Shame
5. P.S.
6. Julen Är Här Igen
7. Peep
8. Frog
9. Funky Jam
10. Outflow
11. Myself
12. Life 705
13. Small
14. Untitled – (After 1 minute and 55 seconds of silence after the song “Small”, you will hear a man saying something in Finnish and a child saying “hello” and “bye bye”.)


Peep is the debut album by Finnish alternative rock band The Rasmus (named just “Rasmus” back then), released on 23 September 1996 on Warner Music Finland.

They met their first manager and record producer, Teja Kotilainen in 1995 and signed with Warner Music Finland in February 1996. They released their first EP, called 1st, on Teja G. Records, in December 1995, which featured the songs “Frog”, “Myself”, “Funky Jam” and “Rakkauslaulu”. The album was first released in Finland, where it went Gold, and later in Estonia and Russia, and subsequently worldwide.