• Album Info
  • 2001
  • Playground Music Scandinavia

1. Madness
2. Bullet
3. Chill
4. F-F-F-Falling
5. Heartbreaker
6. Smash
7. Someone Else
8. Small Town
9. One & Only
10. Last Waltz


Into is the fourth studio album by the Finnish rock band The Rasmus, and the first studio album to be released under the name “The Rasmus“. It was originally released on October 29, 2001 by Playground Music.

It is the band’s first studio album with their new drummer Aki Hakala, who replaced Janne Heiskanen in 1999. The (international only) singles taken from it were “F-F-F-Falling”, “Chill”, “Madness” and “Heartbreaker/Days”. All of these were released in 2001 apart from Heartbreaker/Days, which was released in 2002. For this fact and the name’s change, some fans consider this album the first of “The Rasmus”.

The album has sold double platinum in Finland and was the first album by The Rasmus to be released in other European countries such as France and Spain. They won four EMMAs in 2002 (the Finnish equivalent of Grammys) for Best Group, Best Album, Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Song (for “F-F-F-Falling”).

On February 20, 2007, the album (Special Edition) was for the first time released in the United States by the record label DRT Entertainment. It did not contain any extra tracks.