In Times Before the Light

The Kovenant-In Times Before the Light
  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Hammerheart Records

1. Towards the Crown of Nights
2. Dragonstorms
3. The Dark Conquest
4. From the Storm of Shadows
5. Night of the Blackwinds
6. The Chasm
7. Visions of a Lost Kingdom
8. Through the Eyes of the Raven
9. In Times Before the Light
10. Monarch of the Mighty Darkness

A re-released version of their 1997 debut, featuring tracks redone with an industrial sound following their change from Covenant to The Kovenant. 

Released in 2002 on Hammerheart Records, Nagash and Blackheart, now Lex Icon and Psy-Coma, were not satisfied with the original recording, and decided to release In The Times Before The Light once again. The outcome is significantly different from the original; an industrial version of the original symphonic black metal album. The remixed tracks are longer, various elements were added to them and many parts were re-recorded.