• Album Info
  • 2004
  • Century Media

1. No Compromise
2. 99
3. Abysmal
4. Sabotage
5. All Against All
6. Sweet Relief
7. Burnt To A Shell
8. Who Will Decide
9. Nothing Right
10. Liquid Burns
11. Fire Alive
12. Smut King
13. My Shadow


Revolver (stylized as rEVOLVEr) is the fourth studio album by The Haunted. It was released on October 18, 2004.

After having been absent for the last two studio albums, Peter Dolving was once again back in the band and provided the vocals for rEVOLVEr. He would remain with the band until he left once again in 2012.

As the album title attempts to make clear with its stylization (i.e. with the word “EVOLVE” printed in upper case letters between the two r’s), the band made a conscious decision to slightly tweak ( or “evolve”) its songwriting on this particular album. As a result, rEVOLVEr contains some elements that were hitherto absent on previous The Haunted albums. Although the album still contains examples of the band’s familiar thrash metal sound (e.g. No Compromise, Sabotage, Sweet Relief), it features considerably more mid-paced riffing (e.g. 99, Burnt to a Shell, Fire Alive) than in any of their previous albums. Two of the tracks even have ballad elements interspersed in them (Abysmal and My Shadow). Also notable is that rEVOLVEr has quite a few instances of clean singing in it, although the vast majority of the vocal tracking was still done in The Haunted’s traditional hardcore/metalcore style of screaming.

A limited edition digipak of this CD contained two bonus tracks, and different artwork.

A music video was made for “No Compromise” which featured Mark Greenway.