Blessed Be

  • Album Info
  • 2000
  • Gaga Goodies, Poko Records

1. Framed In Blood
2. Gothic Girl
3. The Chair
4. Brandon Lee
5. Velvet Touch
6. Sleeping With Lions
7. Angel On My Shoulder
8. Stolen Season
9. Wages Of Sin
10. Graveland
11. 30
12. Heaven / Hell


Blessed Be is the fifth studio album by The 69 Eyes, released in 2000. It was produced by Gaga Goodies/Poko Rekords.

This album is more gothic rock influenced, leaving behind the “sleazy” lyrics seen in their earlier works. The first single was “Gothic Girl”, followed by “Brandon Lee”.

There are many references throughout the album to the 90’s cult film and comic book The Crow. For example, Brandon Lee, the lead actor who was shot and killed by accident while on the set, is also the name of the fourth track on the album. The song is a tribute to his memory.

The song “Velvet Touch” is a re-record of their original version (in which a glam metal sound) that was released on their second studio album Savage Garden.