Ave Maria – En Plein Air

  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • earMusic

1. “Ave Maria” Paolo Tosti
2. “Ave Maria” Axel von Kothen
3. “Ave Maria” David Popper
4. “Ave Maria” Camille Saint-Saëns
5. “Ave Maria” Astor Piazzolla
6. “Ave Maria” J.S.Bach / Charles Gounod
7. “Ave Maria” Pietro Mascagni
8. “Ave Maria” Ferenc Farkas
9. “Ave Maria” Vladimir Vavilov
10. “Ave Maria” Michael Hoppé
11. “Ave Maria” Charles-Marie Widor
12. “Ave Maria” Tarja Turunen

Ave Maria is the first classical, and the fifth studio album released by the Finnish soprano Tarja Turunen.

On the 22 July 2015, earMUSIC released a video announcing the existence of the album, following with a teaser trailer on 6 August. The full music video was not released until 13 August that year, with Tarja singing the rare “Ave Maria” by Paolo Tosti.


In an interview with Winter Storm Slovakia, Tarja talked a little about the recording sessions :

“All the musicians performed the songs together with me without an audience” and continues saying “Nothing has been edited nor any studio tricks have been used” and finishes with “So what you hear on the record, is purely how the songs sounded in Lakeuden Risti church during the recording session.” 

She also says that this is a very important album to her, since “It represents her long background in classical music and her knowledge as a lyrical singer”.