Suburban Tribe - Manimal
  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • EMI Finland

1. You Can’t Stop Us Now
2. Untameable
3. The Weight
4. Torn Apart
5. Firedance
6. Cancer
7. Swallow
8. Portrait of Lost Innocence
9. In My Skin
10. Silent Rain
11. Drowning

“Manimal” is the sixth studio of Finnish rock band SUBURBAN TRIBE, released in 2004. It was ranked 2nd in the Official Finnish Chart. A video for the single “Silent Rain” was released, directed by Taku Kaskela.

The documentary “Suburban Tribe Manimal Instinct”, produced by Mika Seppälä, was filmed between early 2003 and summer of 2004. It was premiered on 18 September 2004 at the “Love & Anarchy – Helsinki International Film Festival”.