Twilight Time (II)

Stratovarius-Twilight Time
  • Album Info
  • 1992
  • Bluelight Records

1. Break the Ice
2. The Hands of Time
3. Madness Strikes at Midnight
4. Metal Frenzy
5. Twilight Time
6. The Hills Have Eyes
7. Out of the Shadows
8. Lead Us into the Light

Twilight Time is the second studio album by Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. The album was originally recorded and released in the band’s native Finland as Stratovarius II in early 1992 by Bluelight Records, followed by a reissue in Europe with different cover art in October of that year by Shark Records. A third edition was issued in Japan in July 1993 by Victor Entertainment, renaming the album Twilight Time with yet another cover design;this is the most common version in circulation today. On the back cover, bass guitarist Jari Behm appears in a band photo and is credited with playing, but all bass parts on the album were actually performed by the guitarist and then-bandleader Timo Tolkki.