The Linear Scaffold

  • Album Info
  • 1997
  • Avantgarde

1. Jernlov
2. Philosophical Revolt
3. Red View
4. Floating Magenta
5. The Macho Vehicle
6. Countryside Bohemians
7. Tequila Sunrise
8. When the Moon Is on the Wave


The Linear Scaffold is the debut studio album by Norwegian avant-garde metal band Solefald. It was released in 1997, through Avantgarde Records.

The cover art features Odd Nerdrum’s 1986 painting Return of the Sun.

Critical Reception

AllMusic chose the album as an “album pick” in their retrospective review. The album “showed right off the bat that they were a band with their own sound and vision.” The album was featured on Terrorizer’s “The Great Black Metal Albums Of All Time”, with a number 30. Reviewer James “Harry” Hinchliffe called it “a bold and wonderfully pretentious re-interpretation of BM, inspired as much by Sartre as Satan and careening dizzyingly between devastatingly concise black metal and poppy, blissed-out choruses.”