Steelbath Suicide

  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • Listenable Records, Century Media

1. Entering The Angel Diabolique
2 .Sadistic Lullabye
3. My Need
4. Skin After Skin
5. Wings Of Domain
6. Steelbath Suicide
7. In A Close Encounter
8. Centro De Predominio
9. Razorlives
10. Demon In Veins
11. The Aardvark Trail
12. Sadistic Lullabye (Live)


Steelbath Suicide is the debut full-length studio album from the melodic death metal band Soilwork. The record was released on May 20, 1998 through Listenable and Century Media labels.

The original release has two Japanese bonus tracks, “Disintegrated Skies” and “Burn,” a Deep Purple cover. Century Media re-released the album in 2000 with different cover art and a live track of “Sadistic Lullabye.”

This album is a firm example of the band’s immediate roots in Swedish death metal. The song “Demon in Veins”, is a revised version of “Wake Up Call” off their demo; the lyrics changed are in the chorus.