Figure Number Five

  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Nuclear Blast

1. Rejection Role
2. Overload
3. Figure Number Five
4. Strangler
5. Light The Torch
6. Departure Plan
7. Cranking The Sirens
8. Brickwalker
9. The Mindmaker
10. Distortion Sleep
11. Downfall 24
12. Bursting Out


Figure Number Five is the fifth full-length album released by the Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork. The record was released on 22 April 2003 through Nuclear Blast label. On this release, the band introduces more alternative metal sound than their melodic death metal style.

A few different editions of this album existed upon release. The normal release with eleven tracks, as well as a limited edition release with a second CD of their 1997 demo. The limited vinyl version of the album features two discs – this album and Natural Born Chaos, black and the other a white-colored vinyl. The Japanese version of the album includes one bonus track, entitled “Bursting Out.”