Sentenced - Frozen
  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • Century Media

1. Kaamos
2. Farewell
3. Dead Leaves
4. For The Love I Bear
5. One With Misery
6. The Suicider
7. The Rain Comes Falling Down
8. Grave Sweet Grave
9. Burn
10. Drown Together
11. Let Go (The Last Chapter)
12. Mourn

“Frozen” is the fifth album by SENTENCED released on 15 July 1998 via the Century Media label.

Century Media also released a limited-edition digipak version of the album, including four cover songs: “Creep” (Radiohead), “Digging the Grave” (Faith No More), “I Wanna Be Somebody” (W.A.S.P.) and “The House of the Rising Sun” (The Animals).