Sabaton - Metalizer
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Black Lodge Records

1. Hellrider
2. Thundergods
3. Metalizer
4. Shadows
5. Burn Your Crosses
6. 7734
7. Endless Nights
8. Hail to the King
9. Thunderstorm
10. Speeder
11. Masters of the World
12. Jawbreaker
13. Introduction
14. Hellrider
15. Endless Nights
16. Metalizer
17. Burn Your Crosses
18. The Hammer Has Fallen
19. Hail to the King
20. Shadows
21. Thunderstorm
22. Masters of the World
23. Guten Nacht
24. Birds of War

Metalizer is the third full-length release by Swedish power metal band Sabaton, but was actually recorded as their professional debut album (second overall) in 2002. The band’s first record company, Underground Symphony, withheld the recordings for several years before arranging to release the rights to the band’s new label Black Lodge Records.

The band’s first album, the demo compilation Fist for Fight, is included as a bonus disc with a previously unreleased track. Most of the tracks on the first disc are re-recordings from this release.

Metalizer reached 21st place in the Swedish album charts.

In 2010 the album was re-released on German label Nuclear Blast with four bonus tracks, under the name Metalizer Re-Armed.