Rotten Sound-Murderworks
  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Deathvomit Records

1. Targets
2. Void
3. Revenge
4. Lies
5. Doom
6. IQ
7. Insects
8. Seeds
9. Suffer
10. Obey
11. Edge
12. Lobotomy
13. Insane
14. Agony

Murderworks is the third studio album by the Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound. The album was recorded at Soundlab studios with production of Mieszko Talarczyk.

Murderworks was released in June 2002 through Deathvomit Records (a subsidiary of Necropolis Records) in the United States, and Century Media in Europe, where the album’s artwork was censored by manufacturers in Germany, who considered the original cover and band photos too disturbing for German consumers. As a replacement, the cover was re-colored in shades of red and white, with a note on top saying, “Check booklet for original artwork.” 

The album also includes two live videos for “Seeds” and “Strongman,” and the “Targets” music video, which later appeared on the Murderlive DVD, released in 2004. Murderworks was reissued by Relapse Records in 2005, and regarding this re-release, critics have different opinions. While a review in the Exclaim! magazine defined this reissue of Murderworks as “essential to the grind[core] fan,” Kevin Stewart-Panko from Decibel quoted it with a question, which says: “The easiest reissue job ever?” He also noted that “the actual recording doesn’t appear to have been remastered” and concluded his review stating, “Maybe the advantage with Relapse reissuing this is that, this time, it’ll actually get released.”