Disciples of the Sun

Disciples of the Sun
  • Album Info
  • 2015
  • Inner Wound Recordings
  1. 1. We Are the Ocean
  2. 2. The Battle of Paridas
  3. 3. Disciples of the Sun
  4. 4. Back for More
  5. 5. Genetic Process
  6. 6. Fearless
  7. 7. Perfectly Imperfect
  8. 8. Unveil
  9. 9. Hope Springs Eternal
  10. 10. Exposure
  11. 11. When Black Turns to White
  12. 12. Photograph


Disciples of the Sun is the fourth studio album by the Danish power metal band Pyramaze, released on May 22, 2015.

This album features a significantly different lineup than the band’s previous records. Pyramaze recruited vocalist Terje Harøy to replace Matt Barlow and Urban Breed (with whom Pyramaze did not make a release) after their departures, and producer Jacob Hansen replaced Michael Kammeyer on guitars while remaining the band’s producer. The album’s title track had a music video produced to promote the album, a first for the band.