Remedy Lane

Remedy Lane
  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • InsideOut Music

1. Of Two Beginnings
2. Ending Theme
3. Fandango
4. A Trace Of Blood
5. This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)
6. Undertow
7. Rope Ends
8. Chain Sling
9. Dryad of the Woods
10. Remedy Lane
11. Waking Every God
12. Second Love
13. Beyond the Pale

Remedy Lane is the fourth album by Swedish progressive rock band Pain of Salvation, released in Spring 2002. It is a concept albumfocusing on a character’s search for self-discovery. It was described by Allmusic as Pain of Salvation’s breakthrough album.

While both Remedy Lane and Pain of Salvation’s second album, One Hour by the Concrete Lake, feature a protagonist searching for self-discovery, Remedy Lane addresses a wider variety of themes, including love, loss, lust, sex and self-understanding. The album, written by guitarist and vocalist Daniel Gildenlöw, is semi-autobiographical in nature. The liner notes include poems and photos related to the concept as well as date markings to signify the chronological order of the album. Gildenlöw has said that the inspiration for Remedy Lane was an era of his life in which he wished to understand the nature of freedom.

The album’s production is similar to its predecessor, The Perfect Element, part I. While its mood is dark, there are some moments of happiness.