• Album Info
  • 2004
  • InsideOut Music

1. Animae Partus
2. Deus Nova
3. Imago
4. Pluvius Aestivus
5. Lilium Cruentus
6. Nauticus
7. Dea Pecuniae
8. Vocari Dei
9. Diffidentia
10. Nihil Morari
11. Laterticius Valette
12. Omni
13. Iter Impius
14. Martius/Nauticus II
15. Animae Partus II

BE is Pain of Salvation’s fifth studio album, released by InsideOutMusic in September 2004. It is a concept album focusing on the existence of God and humankind. Along with the band it features a nine-part orchestra, The Orchestra of Eternity, which features prominently throughout the album. This is the last album to feature Kristoffer Gildenlöw on bass. The album is the first Pain of Salvation album to be divided into more than three chapters.

The band performed it live as a rock opera. It was released as “BE” (Original Stage Production).

BE attempts to explore the many facets of human existence. It begins with the narration of Animae, someone or something who/that has existed for as long as he/she/it can remember and contemplates the nature of his/her/its existence and then begins a journey of understanding with the words: “I will call myself GOD and I will spend the rest of forever trying to figure out who I am”. The story continues from there. The characters that appear and disappear throughout the story are as follows:

Animae: Animae is the album’s representation of God, or a Godhead.
Nauticus: Nauticus is the name of a fictional space probe that is, according to the album, the most intelligent space probe ever to be created. In reference to the marine ‘neighborhood’, Nauticus ‘drifts’ throughout space, searching for answers to save Earth from itself.
Imago: Imago is the image of humanity in its most natural form. Combined, Imago is the reflection of Animae.
Dea Pecuniae: Dea Pecuniae can be seen as a feminine version of Mr. Money, and the Eve of humanity’s dark side. In a way, she represents sin.
Mr. Money: Mr. Money is the main character of the story; a man with the most wealth on Earth, who spends most of it on cryogenics in order to fulfill his wish – to be frozen, and not to be awakened until he is made immortal. He represents the darker side of humanity, being the Adam for Dea Pecuniae.
The sound and style are somewhat more varied than previous Pain of Salvation albums, but at the same time, calling upon those previous albums as influences. The album includes: narrative passages; a folk-like song; a gospel-prayer-like song; a church-hymn-like song; progressive metal songs; a classical piano/strings piece; a conversation with a radio in the background; news readings; and even a song that would not be out of place in a Broadway musical. Another song consists entirely of voice messages to be left on “God’s answering machine”. To approach this song, the band asks the subscribers of their newsletter to call a certain phone number and say what ever they would want to say to God.

In writing “BE”, Daniel Gildenlöw used many resources for information, insights and inspiration.