Infinity Divine

Infinity Divine
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  • 2000 (re-recorded in 2004)
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Infinity Divine is the debut album by the Norwegian progressive metal band Pagan’s Mind. In 2004, the band revisited the album, re-releasing it with re-recorded parts and a new mix. The re-recorded version omits the song “Moonlight Pact” and adds “Embracing Fear 2004” and “At the Graves.”



Original release:

Recorded by Øyvind Eriksen and Per Sælør at Klyve Lydstudio, Skien, Norway in September-October 2000.
Mixed by Ronnie Le Tekrø and Dag Stokke at Studio Studio, Nyhagen, Norway in September-October 2000.
Mastered by Ola Johansen at Masterhuset, Oslo, Norway in October 2000.

Re-recorded version:

Vocals re-recorded at Images & Words Studio, Skien, Norway in January 2004.
“Embracing Fear 2004” re-recorded by Espen Mjøen at Mediamaker Studio, Skien, Norway in September 2003.
Additional editing and engineering by Espen Mjøen at Mediamaker Studio.
Remixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studio, Denmark in January 2004.