The Presence of Evil

  • Album Info
  • 2013
  • EBM Records



1. Blood Currency

2. Biotech

3. Unleash Yourself

4. Dedicating your Life for Nothing

5. Nuclear Omnicide

6. Lethal Obsession

7. Worthless

8. Mr. Rabbit

9. Koodinimi Koskenkorva

10. The Presence of Evil



“The Presence of Evil” is the first full length album by Helsinki based band Nuclear Omnicide, which really showcases these lads’ fast, violent and totally maniac-like Thrash Metal in somewhat totally kick-ass form.

Nuclear Omnicide goes and takes a few slices of influences from such Thrash names as SLAYER, VIOLATOR, DARK ANGEL, VIO-LENCE and the likes; sounding more mean, heavier and simply being more determined to cause hurting necks to all. This is indeed some well-made and convincingly played Thrash Metal, and it’s sort of unbelievable to think these four fellows – still clearly under their twenties, have managed to thrash their hearts out this mature and mind-blowing way.