The Closing Chronicles

Nightingale-The Closing Chronicles
  • Album Info
  • 1996
  • Black Mark Productions

1. Deep Inside of Nowhere
2. Revival
3. Thoughts from a Stolen Soul
4. So Long (Still I Wonder)
5. Steal the Moon
6. Intermezzo
7. Alive Again

The Closing Chronicles (subtitled: The Breathing Shadow II) is the second studio album by the Swedish progressive/AOR metal/rock band Nightingale, released by Black Mark Production in 1996. The album continues the story begun on The Breathing Shadow. Though it finds Swanö moving into the 1970s/AOR-orientated sound that became the band’s trademark, the music is not as bombastic as their later albums due to the songs’ stark arrangements giving the album an introspective, melancholy feeling. This is the first album to feature Dag Swanö (with alias “Tom Nouga”) on guitars and keyboards, as well as produce the album.