The Breathing Shadow

Nightingale-The Breathing Shadow
  • Album Info
  • 1995
  • Black Mark Production

1. Nightfall Overture
2. Sleep…
3. The Dreamreader
4. Higher than the Sky
5. Recovery Opus
6. The Return to Dreamland
7. Gypsy Eyes
8. Alone?
9. A Lesson in Evil
10. Eye for an Eye

The Breathing Shadow is the first album by the band Nightingale. It was recorded and mixed within a week by Dan Swanö alone at his Unisound studio; Nightingale did not yet exist as a band, and was simply a solo project by Swanö. This is the only album of Nightingale to use a drum machine (the other albums have Swanö or someone else on drums). Unlike the hard rock/AOR-oriented direction of later albums, The Breathing Shadow showcases the style of goth rock similar to The Sisters of Mercy. The songs “Nightfall Overture” and “The Dreamreader” were re-recorded on the 2004 compilation album, Nightfall Overture.