Envoy of Lucifer

Nifelheim-Envoy Of Lucifer
  • Album Info
  • 2007
  • Regain Records

1. Infernal Flame of Destruction
2. Evocation of the End
3. Gates of Damnation
4. Claws of Death
5. Storm of the Reaper
6. Envoy of Lucifer
7. Evil Is Eternal
8. Raging Flames
9. Belial’s Prey
10. No More Life

Envoy of Lucifer is the fourth full-length studio album from Swedish black metal band Nifelheim. Released in 2007, it is their first album for Regain Records after they jumped ship from Black Sun following the release of Servants of Darkness in 2000.

For the recording, the band enlisted some special guests; Erik Danielsson from the black metal band Watain co-wrote two songs here, while Set Teitan provided lyrics for one song here and handled additional screaming.