Dead Again

Mercyful Fate - Dead Again
  • Album Info
  • 1998
  • Metal Blade

1. Torture (1629)
2. The Night
3. Since Forever
4. The Lady Who Cries
5. Banshee
6. Mandrake
7. Sucking Your Blood
8. Dead Again
9. Fear
10. Crossroads

“Dead Again” is the sixth studio album by MERCYFUL FATE, released in 1998 by Metal Blade Records. It marks the first album from MERCYFUL FATE that Michael Denner is not present on. It also marked a new era for the band, as the production is more muddy and raw, and the guitar tone is more distorted than on the three previous albums. In addition, the album introduced a more complex and arguably progressive sound to several of its tracks.