Mercenary - Everblack
  • Album Info
  • 2002
  • Hammerheart Records

1. Intro
2. Everblack
3. Seize the Night
4. Screaming from the Heavens
5. Dead.com
6. Darkspeed
7. Bloodrush
8. A Darker Shade of Black
9. Bulletblues
10. Rescue Me
11. Alliance
12. Nothing’s What It Seems (Outro)


Everblack is the second album released by the band Mercenary, and the second through Hammerheart Records. This is the first album to include future lead singer Mikkel Sandager and his brother Morten Sandager on keyboards. This is also the only album to feature Signar Petersen on lead guitars and the last to feature Rasmus Jacobsen on drums. With this album, Mercenary continued along with their death metal roots, but also started to explore their sound with thrash metal elements, as well as clean vocals done by Mikkel Sandager.