Panzer Division Marduk

Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk
  • Album Info
  • Marduk
  • 1999
  • Osmose Productions

Tracks on Panzer Division Marduk

1. Panzer Division Marduk
2. Baptism by Fire
3. Christraping Black Metal
4. Scorched Earth
5. Beast of Prey
6. Blooddawn”
7. 502
8. Fistfucking God’s Planet


Panzer Division Marduk is the sixth studio album by Swedish black metal band Marduk. The theme of the album is war, as Nightwing was blood, and La Grande Danse Macabre (the band’s next studio album) would be death, forming a trilogy of “Blood, War and Death“, Marduk‘s vision of what black metal is, unending grimness. Panzer Division Marduk was the last Marduk release by Osmose Productions.

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