Machinae Supremacy-Redeemer
  • Album Info
  • 2006
  • Independent

1. Elite
2. Rise
3. Fury
4. Ronin
5. Kaori Stomp
6. Hate
7. I Know the Reaper
8. Seventeen
9. The Cavern of Lost Time
10. Rogue World Asylum
11. Through the Looking Glass
12. Oki Kumas Adventure
13. Reanimator (March of the Undead III)
14. Prelude to Empire
15. Empire

Redeemer is the second studio album of SID/Heavy/Power Metal band Machinae Supremacy, released on March 18, 2006. Originally planned for release by Music By Design Records Ltd. in 2005, it was delayed when MBD Records ceased to exist. On February 6, 2006, to celebrate the release of the new website, two new tracks from the album were made available for download: Rise and Through The Looking Glass.

Rise is actually Lava Bubble Trouble from the Jets’n’Guns Soundtrack, reworked into a full song. The band would later repeat this by converting Flight of the Toyota (from the same soundtrack) into the album-track SID Icarus within their next album.