Deus Ex Machinae

Machinae Supremacy-Deus ex Machinae
  • Album Info
  • 2004
  • Music by Design Records Ltd.

1. Insidious
2. Super Steve
3. Dreadnaught
4. Flagcarrier
5. Return to Snake Mountain
6. Player One
7. Deus ex Machinae
8. Attack Music (album version)
9. Ninja
10. Throttle and Mask
11. Killer Instinct
12. Tempus Fugit
13. Blind Dog Pride
14. Machinae Prime

Deus Ex Machinae is the debut album of the SID/Heavy/Power Metal band Machinae Supremacy. Released by Music by Design (MbD) Records UK in 2004, there were initially only 1000 copies made. In 2005, a further 1000 copies were printed featuring remastered tracks, new cover art and a bonus track. Then in 2006, further copies were printed via Hubnester Industries. In 2012, the album was released as a free download from band’s official website.

The album was recorded in Blind Dog Studios and Lilla Tomtestudion, Luleå. All songs were composed, written and performed by Machinae Supremacy.