Pretend or Surrender

  • Album Info
  • 2008
  • EMI and Gun Records
  1. “If She’s Near”
  2. “Turn”
  3. “Take A Shot”
  4. “Different Light”
  5. “Writings On The Wall”
  6. “Time And Time Again”
  7. “Belong To No One”
  8. “My Isolation”
  9. “Rid Of Me”
  10. “Ordinary Day”
  11. “End Of The World”
  12. “End Of The World (Outro)

There is also “Save Me” and “Love and Lust” on the Limited Edition of Pretend Or Surrender.

Pretend Or Surrender is Finnish band Lovex’s second studio album released on 30.04.2008 in Finland. Album contains for example the song Take A Shot.