Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular

Lordi - Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular
  • Album Info
  • 2021
  • AFM Records

1. SCG Minus 1: The Ruiz Ranch Massacre
2. Demon Supreme
3. Re-Animate
4. Lizzard of Oz
5. Killusion
6. Skull and Bones (The Danger Zone)
7. Goliath
8. Drekavac
9. Terror Extra-Terrestrial
10. Shake the Baby Silent
11. If It Ain’t Broken (Must Break It)
12. Anticlimax

“Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular” is one of the seven albums released by LORDI on November 26, 2021, as part of the box set “Lordiversity”. It was released on digital platforms on February 11, 2022.

The albums sound all different from each other and are all set on fictional eras in the Killection” timeline. Fictionally set in 1995, “Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular” is machine-made and has an industrial metal style.


Niki Westerback from Barbe-Q-Barbies is among the backing vocalists of the album.