Babez For Breakfast

Lordi - Babez For Breakfast
  • Album Info
  • 2010
  • Sony Music / The End Records

“Babez for Breakfast” is the fifth studio album by the Finnish heavy metal band LORDI, released on 10 September 2010. As is traditional for the band, their costumes were renewed for the release of this album. The album was produced by Michael Wagener.

The first single, “This Is Heavy Metal“, was released digitally on 9 August 2010, and physically a week later on 16 August. There were only an estimated 200 physical copies of the single made and it is seen as a rare collectors’ item amongst LORDI fans.

A limited edition of the album, entitled “The Breakfast Box” includes bonus merchandise and was released on 18 October 2010.


“As for the album title, it is an ironic answer to the question of whether monsters eat babies for breakfast or not. We twisted the final letter ‘s’ to a ‘z’, which changed the pronunciation. With this twist we wanted to state that this album is not as serious as Deadache, said frontman Mr. Lordi.


The recording of the album started on 16 February 2010 at WireWorld Studio in Nashville, USA. The band had 44 demos to choose from, of which 15 made the final cut.

Style and composition

According to Mr. Lordi, “We are very proud of this album. We went back to the basics and beyond. The new material is more rocking and melodic, but we have not forgotten horror elements either. This is the first time we have worked with a string orchestra and a gospel choir. This has been great fun! As our producer [Michael Wagener] says, each song includes a lot of energy, emotion and entertainment. With this album we are eager to go back on the road and show our fans the new songs, outfits and tricks!”


This Is Heavy Metal” – 9 August 2010
Rock Police” – 2010 (promo release only)


In September 2009, Mr. Lordi spent five days in Hollywood, California, co-writing new songs for the album with the ex-KISS guitarist, Bruce Kulick, and Jeremy Rubolino. This song-writing session resulted in two songs, “Cut Off My Head” and “Call Off the Wedding“. Mr. Lordi called “Call Off the Wedding” a “ballad, but nothing like you´ve heard from LORDI before. Lot of clean guitars there for example. Actually, that one is not quite finished yet. Bruce Kulick played the solo on that, and Jeremy Rubolino wrote the string score for it. There’s gonna be REAL strings on it, and they’re gonna be recorded in L.A. any day now.”

Mark Slaughter, singer of the band Slaughter, also made a guest appearance on the album, to play the role of the “dad” in “Granny’s Gone Crazy“.