• Album Info
  • 1999
  • Natural Born Records

1. “Ođđa máilbmi” 
2. “Idja”
3. “Ulda”
4. “Vuojan” 
5. “Riehču”
6. “Giella”
7. “Festet”
8. “Orbina” 
9. “It šat duolmma mu”  
10. “Ostir böö”
11. “Hunka lunka” 
12. “Suollemaš bahčči”


Idja is the debut studio album by the Finnish folk metal band Shaman, who later changed their name to Korpiklaani.

The album was produced by Roope Latvala, best known as the guitarist of the Finnish metal bands Children of Bodom and Sinergy.

The song “Ođđa máilbmi” was also released as a demo/single before the album’s release.