Keep Of Kalessin-Armada

Tracks on Armada

1. Surface
2. Crown of the Kings
3. The Black Uncharted
4. Vengeance Rising
5. Many Are We
6. Winged Watcher
7. Into the Fire
8. Deluge
9. The Wealth of Darkness
10. Armada

Armada is the third studio album by the Norwegian black metal band Keep of Kalessin. The album was originally released under Tabu Records, however a 2 vinyl set of the album was released on Back On Black. The release features the return of drummer Vyl, and new bassist Wizziac and vocalist Thebon.

Albums by Keep Of Kalessin

Keep Of Kalessin-Reptilian

Reptilian / 2010

Keep Of Kalessn-Kolossus

Kolossus / 2008

Keep Of Kalessin-Armada

Armada / 2006

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