Viva Emptiness

Katatonia-Viva Emptiness
  • Album Info
  • 2003
  • Peaceville Records

Viva Emptiness is the sixth full-length album by Katatonia, released in 2003 by Peaceville Records. On the album’s tenth anniversary in 2013, it was re-released, featuring a new mix, mastering, and additional keyboard arrangements.

Viva Emptiness was released on April 29, 2003. The album was re-released in 2013. The re-release features new keyboard arrangements and was completely remixed and remastered by David Castillo, as the band wasn’t satisfied with the overall sound and production of the original release. The track “Inside the City of Glass” features vocals and lyrics on this edition, compared to the instrumental version included in the original release.

Its main subjects are loneliness, social relations, crime, lying and depression. Viva Emptiness incorporates more of a rock style, with a strong but melodic doom metal sound influenced by progressive and alternative metal. The album was re-released in 2013, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the album.

The song “Wait Outside” was recorded during the album sessions, but was not released until 2005 on The Black Sessions. It was also included in the 10th anniversary edition of the album.