Reroute to Remain

In Flames - Reroute to Remain
  • Album Info
  • In Flames
  • 2002
  • Nuclear Blast

Tracks on Reroute to Remain

1. Reroute To Remain
2. System
3. Drifter
4. Trigger
5. Cloud Connected
6. Transparent
7. Dawn Of A New Day
8. Egonomic
9. Minus
10. Dismiss The Cynics
11. Free Fall
12. Dark Signs
13. Metaphor
14. Black & White


Reroute to Remain (subtitled: Fourteen Songs of Conscious Insanity, and on reissue: Fourteen Songs of Conscious Madness) is the sixth studio album by the Swedish metal band In Flames. The album saw a major change in musical style and was In Flames‘ second considerable step in the direction of a new sound, and was met with rejection among many of their fanbase. The album’s more accessible sound attracted many new fans and popularized In Flames‘ name within the American heavy metal scene, helping to secure a top spot at Ozzfest. This was the band’s first album to present singles, which were “Trigger” and “Cloud Connected”.

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