Hukutaan paskaan

Huore - Hukutaan paskaan
  • Album Info
  • 2017
  • Stupido Records

1. Ämmät Hei!
2. Kotibileet
3. Normaali?
4. Sori Siitä
5. Kovia Ja Kiljua
6. Darra
7. P.a.-ska
8. Mel Gibjohn
9. Kaikki Uuniin
10. Auta
11. Hautajaiset


Hukutaan paskaan is Huora’s debut album, which was released on March 24, 2017 by Stupido Records. The album released a single “Sorin siitä”, released on November 18, 2016. 

Singer Anni Lötjönen has commented on the completion of the album as follows: 

“The album became a tough whole! It was not designed or done, so it was a great time to listen to the disc once again and experience the feeling we would like to create together. “

The album debuted in Finland’s official list in place 8.